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I am feeling pleasure and proud by sharing this information with your good self that the International Human Empowerment University – IHEU is an autonomous body of the International Organization for Educational Development “IOED” - An International/Intergovernmental organization which is a world-wide Diplomatic Mission for education and economic cooperation.

The International Human Empowerment University a Micro University, based on SWAYAM. It is a programme initiated by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India and designed to achieve the three cardinal principles of Education Policy viz., access, equity and quality. The objective of this effort is to take the best teaching learning resources to all, including the most disadvantaged for generation of self employment through proper study and training under guidance of well qualified and well experienced retired / active teachers, trainers, entrepreneurs and consultants. It is to promote corporate centric Skill based employable quality education in the field of Paramedical, Professional and Technical Studies through regular and online short term vocational certificate, diploma and degree courses with the valuable support of government/private Institutions that believe to provide quality education globally. Our team of experts guide the students regarding suitable course for them. Tuition fee is exempted for candidates who belong to the economically weaker sections of the society on production of valid certificate.

Be a Job Provider instead of Job Seeker

Presently, our main focus is on the Skill and Entrepreneurship Development covering rural areas as maximum population comes from the rural areas where they depend upon the Agriculture and no other solid work to generate their income. Therefore, they come to the nearby cities and put load on the same. Our Motto is to make Skilled, Empowered, Prosperous, Environment-friendly and Crime-free States.

National Issues are Corruption, Illiteracy, Education system, Basic Hygiene, Healthcare system, Poverty, Unemployment, Pollution, Women’s safety and Infrastructure.

Education is the foundation stone for the development of any nation as it is not expenditure rather an investment which has long term benefits for individual as well as for environment. Human resource is the ultimate resource as this can automatically develop and conserve other precious natural resources in an eco-friendly manner. Our object is to educate the youth through the Skill and Entrepreneurship Development Programs by establishing Multipurpose Educational-cum-Training-cum-Service-cum-Business Centres within the range of each 10-15 Kms. throughout the Nation in rural and sub-urban areas to cover the entire public basically our underprivileged groups who are consistently neglected by the society. Here, the candidates will get short term Vocational Certificate and Diploma courses in Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, traditional science of Universal health and education like Ayurveda and Herbals, Naturopathy and Yogic Science, Character Education, Internet Technology, Foreign Language, General Knowledge, Personality Development, Robotics, Self Defense and Skill for the particular trade as per local area requirement is enough to make candidates physically and mentally sound for further study, entrepreneurship and jobs. This is basically foundation course to promote Skill & Entrepreneurship Development. Qualified Self Defence candidates will also be awarded CAS, CMAS and ATAB certification after completion of the training.

Students will also have to get practical experience (Internship) under experts after completing these courses as without practical knowledge the noted courses have no value. Quality education is the need of the hour.

Now the trained persons will further train other candidates and soon a skilled team will be built with a very fast rate as these vocational courses are of short duration. As a result of the above process we will see that Public is aware about the Government policies and schemes and the Natural Resources are being developing by promoting the Agriculture, Horticulture and Food Processing Industries.

Also Micro and Small Businesses will be established. International Trading (Import-Export), National Trading and Local Trading, Banking and Insurance business will also be enhanced automatically.

Requirement to start IHEU Centre: One Hall for Study and one small room for Office-cum-Facilitation Centre. There is an initial investment of approximate Rupees Three (3) Lakh required for each Centre.

We are backed by many highly qualified professionals and social reformers through which our students will get knowledge on time to time in seminars and conferences.

Our maximum qualified candidates will get Jobs as per their ability in the Organization. There is no need to go anywhere to search the job. Rest of the candidates can establish their business and we will guide properly and support them for the same.

Benefits of the "Multipurpose Educational-cum-Training-cum-Service-cum-Business Centres":
1. Youth will get real education in his / her area.
2. Families will be organized as new employment will be generated at the local level.
3. Farmers, Elders, Women and children of the families will also get deserving honour as they will feel Financial Freedom.
4. Alternative Source of Income will be generated at the local level.
5. Public will be made aware about the Policies and Schemes of both the Central and State Government.
6. Development will be in organized manner in a team of the local candidates viewing the exact local requirement.
7. World Trade will also enhance.
8. Law and Order position will improve as everybody will know their Rights and Duties.
9. Corruption will reduce automatically as everybody will know the common Laws of the country.
10. Use of the Government funds will be on the right place as local public will watch.
11. Central, State and Local Government will get revenue from the taxable source of income.

Our above noted Plan is being appreciated by many world leaders, diplomats, educationists and professionals, etc.

We are confident that the synergy of efforts would empower the youth of the global community to meet the challenges ahead.

Thanking you!

Dr. Neha Sharma, PhD, DhC

 NASSCOM BigTech support the ITPS

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