The International Human Empowerment University “IHEU” - An International Educational Mission is Autonomous body of the International Organization for Educational Development, having Administrative Office in the capital city of India, Delhi, with an aim to make Skilled, Empowered, Prosperous, Environment-friendly and Crime-free States. It has been working on the Educational Development (Research & Training) and Economic Cooperation. A unique platform of the team of renowned experts and their Credibility, Integrity, Honesty, Loyalty and Dedication to work is remarkable. The team of the IHEU supports the government’s schemes and policies and working in close partnership / association with the Government Organizations / Agencies of India and other member sovereign nations.

“Service to Mankind is Service to Divinity!”

The Team of the IHEU has been working on:
1. Awareness on ICT, Cyber Security, Cyber Terrorism, Cyber Warfare, Artificial Intelligence to fight against corruption, terrorism and organized crime.
2. Skill & Entrepreneurship Development (Paramedical, Professional and Technical Courses)
3. Robotic Surgery Paramedical Courses

These programs have their own importance and should be implemented together, enough to make Skilled, Empowered, Prosperous, Environment-friendly and Crime-free States through education.

The hard working team of the IHEU whose Credibility, Integrity, Honesty, Loyalty and Dedication to work is remarkable and knowing how they like to work as well as how they can work better enable them to succeed for themselves and for the betterment of the team. Our team is dedicated to the world community and we are taking necessary action to accomplish our cherished goals and continuously making our efforts to promote educational development in tandem with rural and social development programmes, formulated programs to uplift the social and economical status of the rural population and worked out the strategy to deliver maximum benefits to the people who deserves it the most. We are focusing on the Villages, Poor, Farmers and Youth.

The economic world revolves around only one thing that is money. Every organization whether it is small, medium or large like the UN, should have their income generating projects for self sustenance. Even good thoughts become useless if not converted into reality without required funds. It is the moral duty of all the educationists to convert the human capital into profitable one by providing skill and entrepreneurship training courses so that sustainable development may become possible around the globe as most of our member Asian, African, Caribbean, Islamic and some European countries are showing interest in our vision and mission.

It depends upon all of us to place our country the “Republic of India” in the list of the most educated, developed and powerful countries by proving our patriotism with our hard work and commitment to our nation.

The present financial situation of the Universities and their institutions is well explained by their basic infrastructure and the facilities they provide to the students. Therefore, the IHEU proposes financial and non-financial assistance to the Universities as we believe that the fate of our nation is in the hands of our youth, The Universities are the caretaker of them as they are the makers of their glorious future. We are committed to our words but expect viability of the projects from the Universities in order to support them to fulfil the basic requirements of the students.

Proposal from the IHEU: The International Human Empowerment University “IHEU” would like to establish District-wise Centres in India to start One Year duration vocational Diploma Course in the interest of the deserving students especially belong to the economic weaker section to be selected on the meritorious grounds. It would comprise four batches of maximum 50 students in each batch who will be identified after clearing a general examination related to the syllabus up to class 10th. While selecting the brightest student, we shall not focus only on the marks obtained by them, but how far they love and enjoy the vocation identified for them. If a student wants to excel in the vocation he needs to have real passion for it. We will teach them through Digital Entrepreneur School concept together with our existing system.

Course details: One Year duration vocational Diploma Course to be conducted by the IHEU comprises below noted subjects:
1. Awareness on ICT, Cyber Security, Cyber Terrorism, Cyber Warfare and Artificial Intelligence
2. Character Education
3. Foreign Language
4. Naturopathy
5. Personality Development
6. Self Defense
7. Skill for the particular trade as per local area requirement and
8. Yogic Science

These above noted subjects are enough to make candidates physically, mentally and economically sound for further study, entrepreneurship and jobs. This is basically foundation course and as solid foundation keeps the building upright and lasts longer, in the same way, solid foundation course make our students’ future bright.

Qualified Self Defence candidates will also be awarded CAS, CMAS and ATAB certification after completion of the training and proper counselling of the students will be done by the experts to guide them to choose the appropriate profession for them.

Expectation from the Universities: The IHEU has got fame in a short span of time due to its hard working team of experts. We can only propose Universities to have rich expertise of our eminent members. If Universities shake hands with the IHEU then it will be in the interest of our youth and our Nation. The IHEU is only asking for your existing infrastructure where classes can be scheduled.

Benefit to the Universities: It will add another feather in their cap as the international recognition of the IHEU has will definitely be shared with the Universities.

Benefit to the IHEU: The IHEU can achieve its above noted sustainable development goals earliest possible with the valuable support of the Universities as per the mission of the IHEU.

Benefit to the Members of the IHEU: All members who will be involved in any constructive mission will get remuneration as per work assigned and will also enjoy Diplomatic and Security Privileges as per norms of the Vienna Convention applicable in all member Nations.

Benefit to the Governments concerned: The Human Development Index – HDI will be raised as proper training after identifying the right skill of the youth is given by the team of the IHEU and therefore chances of job givers will be higher.

Benefit to the Industries: These courses will help in bridging the Skill gap between the Academia and the Industries. Most of our trained candidates will be inspired to start own business after successfully completion of our short term one year duration vocational Diploma course. The IHEU also shares member nation’s requirement and government’s policy to boost India’s export business.

Benefit to the Environment: The courses of the IHEU also comprise the course related to the rural development which includes modern technique of the farming, recycling of bio-waste and solar power generation.

Benefit to the Farmers: Burden on cities is increasing due to migrated labour because agriculturists are not earning profit. Farming of grains, vegetables, fruits and floriculture, etc. are highly beneficial in the interest especially of the rural areas if done under the banner of Cooperative Societies as being organized sector, they will get better price of their crops and standard of living will be improved automatically.

Benefit to the International Traders: They will get secured export orders.

Benefits to the Investors/ Funders/ Experts and Bankers: They will get new secured business and will earn profits. They will also enjoy Diplomatic and Security Privileges as per MOA of the IOED and numerous MOUs signed between the various Sovereign Nations/ Organizations as per norms of the Vienna Convention 1961 & 1963.

Benefit to the General Public: General Public feel prosperous and secured.

Thanking you!

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