Make in India Project is a wonderful concept to strengthen India’s brand Image and create consumer’s confidence worldwide. Make in India will also strengthen SMEs for the international competitiveness, enhance product quality and increase India’s share in the global market.

Interstate Cultural Relationship Centres – Exhibition and Trading: IOED would initiate necessary steps to establish Indian Cultural and Trade Centre in many states of the Republic of India. This will provide a common platform for social activities, strengthening our relationship & friendship to facilitate the mandate of the cultural and Trade centre.

In order to assist efforts in transforming India as a Global hub the International Organization for Educational Development “IOED” and international experts with proven experience and track record have launched Interstate Cultural Relationship Centres – Exhibition and Trading to strengthen government hand to “Make in India” a great success for over all development of Indian economy accomplishing dream project and also assist globalizing SMEs by providing a proper platform for making this great initiative to take off successfully for promoting India Global bilateral Trade world-wide.

Make in India products globally providing a level playing field enabling SMEs to compete with the best of the world both domestic as well a global market for enhancement of export through accessing new markets or increasing the share in the existing markets on a sustainable basis.

The most successful way to do business at regional, national or international level is through a team work to develop greater speed, quality and innovation through a cluster approach. Since clustering is an important tool in economic development to achieve growth and can also compete for a large contract both domestic and globally.

Business today is becoming global therefore small & medium enterprises (SMEs) need assistance in discovering global opportunities. Small and Medium Enterprises are likely to be most adversely affected under WTO regime, if adequate steps are not taken to develop a strong and competitive small and medium sector. SMEs continue to lack knowledge of marketing channels and fail to establish marketing networks or have not entered into strong market relationship with existing customers. Consequently many SMEs are unable to export their products effectively.

Recognizing the growth potential of SMEs most governments in developed and developing countries are placing priority to SMEs through policy support and other incentives. Under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Department of Commerce, IOED is planning to set up a permanent one stop display cum trade centre in potential countries like UAE, UK and North America (New York and Toronto) focused in marketing of Make in India products manufactured by various states in their own pavilion including the products manufactured by various industry clusters developed by the Government of India. We strongly believe that no industry can survive today without having international vision.

SMEs are entirely dependent on outside trade service providers. The impact of easily accessible and efficient services at affordable cost is greater for them. Therefore, SMEs need hand holding support and guidance to exploit global opportunities and to overcome major obstacles in entering export markets.

The IOED would be working towards the globalization of SMEs by providing information about business opportunities in the international market and to prepare SME’s to enable them to improve India’s share in the International Trade. Make in India concept will also help uplifting rural community through improved farming technologies, enhance productivity and value addition through grass root level industrialization and industry farmer partnering to achieve the following objectives:

• Globalizing of SMEs

• To promote Make in India by strengthening SME’s for international competitiveness

• Strengthening of India’s image and create consumers confidence for Indian quality

• Increase their share in global market.

This International Trade Development Center of the IOED would be an ideal place for conducting buyers-sellers meet one to one meet and to facilitate foreign importers to have a glimpse of Indian products under one roof and also products of foreign SMEs for Indian Market


SMEs will get firsthand experience by showcasing their products in most advance overseas potential markets; interact directly with customers and buyers.

Participants will come to know and understand all the basic information about the demand of their products and would prepare themselves properly for global competitiveness to increase their share in global market.

Will get the opportunity meeting the buyers access to the invaluable export related information and tips beside getting the entry to the most advanced international markets

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