Educational Development (Research & Training) and Economic Cooperation

It is mandated to conduct high quality research in ‘corporate affairs’ and build a knowledge sharing system through synergized partnership with premiere institutions. The International Human Empowerment University – IHEU, being an institution in capacity building, service delivery and action research, renders holistic insight into all issues relating to corporate affairs.

We have immense pleasure to inform you that the Centre for MSME, an integral part of the IHEU has been established to foster understanding of the regulatory framework, encourage innovative responses to business environments and focus on all other relevant issues affecting the MSMEs. It enables capacity building through training and interactions such as seminars and workshops, engages in documentation and research on MSMEs practices, encourages cluster development initiatives and uses it’s pivotal cross-cutting position to create synergy on various facets of the MSME sector.

As primary point of contact for internal and external stakeholders in Corporate & MSME sector, we observe the possibility of cooperation with the Romania for undertaking jointly the following MSME related projects:
1. Skill development based project implementation in MSME Clusters under the large schemes of the Govt. of India
2. Skill mapping and local language training modules along with the industry.
3. To develop a web portal for increasing market for MSMEs and business development service providers.
4. Study on gap analysis for SMEs performance and prepare Road map for their sustainable growth & Development
5. Entrepreneurship Development of Entrepreneurial youth for establishment of micro, small and medium enterprises.
6. Develop Best Practices, Sector guidelines, Preparation of SMEs toolkit for strategic development of MSMEs.
7. Establishment of Policies and Regulatory framework advisory support and Facilitation centre for MSMEs
8. Strengthen industry-academia linkages to improve curricula & research and mentor entrepreneurs
9. Undertake joint research and exchange programs with related foreign universities/ institutions.
10. Provide opportunities to trainers for proper training and continuous knowledge up-gradation.
11. Spotlighting of topical issues through conferences, seminars, consultation meets and workshops.
12. Professional support by capacity building among the entrepreneurs for Enhancing MSE’s Access to Public Procurement
13. Organize Vendor Development & Investor Summit
14. Organize Special – Vendor Development Programme (VDPs) and capacity building program for addressing the skills gap of SC/ST MSMEs.
15. Evaluation of Cluster Development Projects & Technology Up-gradation Projects in your country.

The Centre for MSME, IHEU provides guidance to entrepreneurs and businesses, with weighted inputs from their internal research and the numerous expert panels on board to address various aspects of corporate affairs. It also provides valuable inputs to innovators setting up new businesses, with a special emphasis on MSMEs which have been identified as the pillars of continued growth momentum towards inclusive growth and sustainable business. Enclosed with this letter is documentation of our services including a brief profile that enlists all the different services in the areas of industrial capacity building workshops, long & short term courses, Research & Study as well as projects we have undertaken so far amongst the MSME clusters in India and our track record in skill development and knowledge enhancement initiatives for enterprise development.

We as an organization being an independent body with its linkages with the MSMEs and large Corporates would like to be engaged as leading Program Management Agency (PMA) / Nodal Implementing Agency to conduct such programs as IHEU can support MSME sector by undertaking the following activities.
1. Regional, State and National level workshop
2. Training of officials of MSME-DIs, MSME-Testing Centres, Technology Centres, Design Incubation centres, IPFC etc.
3. International benchmarking and learning best practices and foreign travels/delegations, international trainings
4. Learning & development
5. Industry relationship management
6. Research & knowledge creation

We would also like to take this opportunity to offer customized Three to Five Day capacity building training programs for the mid-level and senior officials as well as for MSME stakeholders to develop a broad understanding in the following subjects:
1. Procurement (procedures & contracting)
2. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Innovations (public services)
3. International Business Leadership Program for CEOs, Directors and Top Managers of MSMEs
4. Export Management
5. Digital Marketing
6. New Age successful international marketing program for CEOs, Directors and Top Managers of MSMEs
7. Supply Chain Management for global competitiveness
8. MSME Management & Governance of Family Business
9. Fiscal Policy
10. Goods & Services Tax (GST) – for dealing with post GST impact & implementation issues
11. Leadership & Stress Management
12. Contract Labour
13. Labour Laws
14. Human Resource Management
15. Effective Financial Management
16. Enterprise Risk Management
17. Education (Reforms & Challenges)
18. Agricultural & Rural Development
19. Governance, Regulatory and Compliance (GRC) Management
20. Digital Leadership
21. Idea and Innovation Management
22. Global Marketing & Sales
23. Technology Transfer
24. Treasury Management & Risk Mitigation
25. Financial Instruments & Related Party Disclosure
26. Disclosure in Respect of Interests in other Entities
27. Accounting Integration with ICDS

Our holistic Mission of capacity building programs has been appreciated by many public & private sector organizations.

Thanking you!

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