The INTERNATIONAL HUMAN EMPOWERMENT UNIVERSITY - IHEU is formed and managed by the International Organization for Educational Development “IOED” - An International Diplomatic Mission.

The International Human Empowerment University "IHEU" is providing education through all means like e-education. Vocational and Professional specialized courses under Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Development Program approved by the Ministry of Human Resource Development and the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Development, Government of India.

It is our endeavour to motivate the general public by organizing close awareness meetings on Entrepreneurship & Rural Development for speedy national progress.

Presently, we are making our best efforts basically on all type of Professional Studies to promote Entrepreneurship Development and Rural Development so that we can achieve sustainable Development Targets of our country.

We also arrange Scholarship for our poor/ needy students.

We help in setting and managing business units by providing consultation and educational services, training, know-how, financial services and managerial inputs through our experts who are able to provide technical and market information services. Our experts are also classified into groups.

We are acting as resource people, consultants, facilitators and evaluators for other NGO, Government Agencies, Foreign Alternative Trading Organizations, Funding Agencies and Institutions working in the similar field.

The International Human Empowerment University is offering excellence quality education through its Certificate and Diploma courses.

The courses are structured, keeping in mind the practical application of Skill and Entrepreneurship Development Programs running by the Government of India.

Courses: Human Empowerment & Entrepreneurship Development – HEED one year duration Vocational Diploma Course and three months duration Certificate Course with three months Internship in traditional science of Universal health and education like Ayurveda and Herbals, Naturopathy and Yogic Science, Moral Education, Internet Technology, Foreign Language, General Knowledge, Personality Development, Self Defence and Skill for the particular trade as per local area requirement.

Certificates of Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CAS) & Certified Master Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CMAS) with the Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board will also be awarded to the qualified candidates after completion of the training
Program objectives: Short term Certificate and Diploma courses are being organized to meet the needs of various organizations. It will provide a basic working knowledge which will help to build up confidence to deal with concerned departments. Candidates can learn better though our easy study material & can get solutions of queries in person.

These above noted courses are useful to young Entrepreneurs who want to run their own projects.

Existing Entrepreneurs who are already running their own projects but not have sufficient current Professional knowledge also can join.

The IHEU has excellent Academic atmosphere with separate batches for boys & girls under the qualified Faculty.

As the IHEU is running by the IOED for the benefit of the Society of low income group students, that’s why the fee structure of the courses is very nominal & scholarship is also provided by the University's Institutes to the poor & specially able students who are good in studies.

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