The Mission of the International Organization for Educational Development - IOED is Educational Development and Economic Cooperation. Our offer to any country is development bound rather than time bound.

Development can be possible only if the concerned Government and the Stakeholders both are interested.

Skill and Entrepreneurship Development: The IOED also extends best possible consultancy support from the initial stage up to marketing the products to establish own Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise. Besides, Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme for Micro and Small Enterprises of the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise, the IOED is also having own arrangement with the foreign banks to provide financial instruments i.e. Bank Guarantee BG and Standby Letter of Credit SBLC on the basis of acceptable reasonable percentage of profit to support the commodity trading by the MSME.

a) There is an urgent need to initiate an aggressive marketing campaign in potential global markets to build India's image as a leading quality producer and create consumer's confidence in Indian quality.
b) There is urgent need to provide marketing facilities to the existing cluster developed by the Government of India, in order to make this campaign a success.
c) To act as a symbolic link between various governmental agencies, promotional councils, industry and trade associations for synergising the common goals of wholesome growth of SMEs.
d) To work closely with foreign governments, industry, Indian missions, various chamber of commerce and counterpart organizations globally.

We motivate to the general public by organizing close awareness meetings on the Development for the speedy progress.

We help in setting and managing business units by providing consultation and educational services, training, know-how, financial services and managerial inputs through our experts who are able to provide technical and market information services. Our experts are also classified into groups.

We are acting as resource people, consultants, facilitators and evaluators for other NGO, Government Agencies, Foreign Alternative Trading Organizations, Funding Agencies and Institutions working in the similar field.

We source International market information i.e.:
(a) Information on price and products availability. 
(b) Updates on happenings and developments in the Micro, Small and Medium Entrepreneur sector.

Agriculture Education 
Automobile Education 
Aviation Education 
Beauty Education 
Bio-Technology Education 
Child Education 
Civil & Architectural Education 
Communicative & Soft Skills Education 
Computer & IT Education 
Dairy Education 
Electrical & Electronics Education 
Engineering Education 
Fashion Technology Education 
Fire & Safety Education 
Fisheries Education 
Forest and Environmental Education 
Gem & Jewellery Education 
Para Medical and Allied Health Education 
- Ayurvedic Education 
- Homeopathy Education 
- Siddha Education 
- Unani Education 
- Yoga and Naturopathy Education 
Home based Business Education 
Home Maintenance Education 
Hospitality & Tourism Education 
Hotel Management Education 
House Maintenance Education 
Interior & Exterior Education 
Language Courses 
Media Education 
Music Education 
Office Management Education 
Poultry Education 
Rehabilitation Centre Education 
Robotic Education 
Self-defence Education – Commando & Martial Arts Training 
Shipping & Logistic Education 
Sports Education 
Technical Training Education 
Textile Education 
Veterinary Education

1. Agricultural Machinery 
2. Assembling of Inverters 
3. Automobile Body Building 
4. Automobile Electrical Works 
5. Automobile Repairing and Servicing 
6. Ayurvedic cum Massaging Unit 
7. Ayurvedic Hair Oil 
8. Bakery 
9. Bamboo Mat Board 
10. Beaten Rice (Chira) 
11. Beauty Saloon 
12. Bio Degradable Sheets Carry Bags 
13. Bio-Diesel from Jatropha 
14. Bleaching Powder 
15. Brick Plant 
16. Business_plan_template 
17. Cane & Bamboo Furniture 
18. Carborated Soft Drink 
19. Cattle and Poultry Feed 
20. Cell Phone Servicing 
21. Citronella Oil 
22. Clay Brick Plant 
23. Coir Spinning Unit 
24. Colour Processing Studio 
25. Concrete Products 
26. Cyber Cafe 
27. Dairy Products 
28. Dal Mung, Bhujia, Kaju Fry, PopCorn, Muri, Peanut 
29. Decorative Handloom Products 
30. Desk Top Publishing 
31. Diagnostic Centre 
32. Digital Photography 
33. Disposable Plastic Cup 
34. Disposable Plastic Syringes 
35. Diversified Jute Handicrafts Products 
36. Dry Cleaning Unit 
37. Electrical Appliances Repairing 
38. Electrical Panel Board 
39. Electronic Goods 
40. File Cover and File Board 
41. Fire Works Crackers 
42. Floriculture 
43. Fresh Drinking Water 
44. Fuel (Coal) Briquetting 
45. General Engineering Workshop 
46. Gold Plating on Metallic Optical Frames and Jewellery 
47. Hair Oil 
48. Hawai Chappal 
49. Herbal Extraction Plant 
50. Herbs & Aromatic Plants 
51. Hollow Concrete Block 
52. Hosiery Items (Cotton Knitted Garments) 
53. Hote Water Bags and Ice Bags 
54. Ice Cream Making Unit 
55. Incense Stick 
56. Jute Bag Making 
57. Jute Sutli 
58. Jute Weaving 
59. Leaf Plate and Bowl 
60. Leather Goods Manufacturing 
61. Mini Dal Mill 
62. Mixed Fruit Jam, Jelly, Pickle Making 
63. Mosquito Net 
64. Moulded Plastic Products 
65. Muga & Mulbery Silk Weaving 
66. Mushroom Cultivation and Processing 
67. Noodles Making 
68. Ornamental Fish 
69. Papad Making 
70. Parboiled Rice Mill 
71. Pasteurised Milk & Cream Project 
72. Phenyl Making 
73. Plastic Products 
74. Plastic Water Storage Tank 
75. Potato Chips Making 
76. Poultry Farm 
77. Poultry Hatchery Unit 
78. PVC Pipe Manufacturing Unit 
79. Rubber Footwear 
80. Scented Supari Processing 
81. Servicing of Diesel Generator 
82. Shampoo 
83. Spice Grinding & Packaging 
84. Steel Fabrication 
85. Stone Chips 
86. Surgical Bandage 
87. Synthetic Detergent Powder 
88. Tarpaulin 
89. Tea Processing 
90. Terracotta Ware 
91. Tomato Sauce 
92. Two Wheeler Repairing 
93. Tyre Retreading Centre 
94. Utensils Washing Powder 
95. Vehicle Wheel Cap 
96. Washing Soap 
97. Waste Plastic Recycling Unit (Mini Refinery) 
98. Wire Netting 
99. Woven Sacks for Fertilizers 
100. Yarn Dyeing

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