The IHEU Tribal Skill Development Chair is established to undertake specific activities for implementation of Economic Support programs for the benefit of SC/STs especially in the field of Skill Development initiatives.

The Mission is to provide financial assistance for creation of income generating assets to the poor Scheduled Tribe / Schedule caste households for their Socio-economic Development.

The objectives of the Tribal Chair are as follows:
All round development of scheduled tribes in the country with special attention to Tribal areas. Economic development of SC/ STs by providing financial assistance to ST families below poverty line to take up Economic Support Schemes
To provide credit for development of agriculture and for poverty alleviation
To provide financial assistance to STs for creation of income generating assets
To accelerate pace of economic development of scheduled tribes
To provide training programmes for skill up gradation leading to self / wage employment
To empower ST women Self Help Groups (SHGs) for taking up economic support activity
To bridge the critical gaps of finance in economic support schemes

Administrative Setup in the Districts:
The IHEU headquarter formulates policies in terms of preparing Annual Action Plans and monitors implementation of schemes by way of convening review meetings while obtaining monthly progress reports. The IHEU mobilizes financial resources form State, Central and foreign Governments and other financial institutions, in turn, releases for implementation of schemes.

Major activities of Tribal Chair:
Providing financial assistance to SC/ STs for Economic Support in Self-Employment

Impart Training
Skill upgradation for wage employment /formal employment /self – employment Capacity Building
Special programme for development of PVTGs through Conservation-Cum Development Plan (CCDP)
Economic Support Schemes (ESS)
Conservation cum Development Plan (CCDP)

Economic development of Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs) in Intervening in all Skill Development
Separate Sub Mission was constituted for STs for implementation of Skill Development initiatives in the Scheduled Areas
Multiple Skill Development activities have been initiated to provide employment opportunities to the unemployed tribal youth on its own and through training partners from Government training institutes / universities / Private training institutes for the benefit of tribal unemployed youth.

Strategy of implementation:
Organizing Orientation programmes in the name of Tribal Chair for creating awareness among the tribal youth. Imparting placement linked training to ST youth for upgradation of their skills. Organising Direct Placement drives in tribal areas. Organizing Self Employment / Entrepreneurial Development Programme (ED).

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